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Our Swanbourne Space
   4 Rob Roy Street, Swanbourne

We have chosen an unconventional place for you here at Swanbourne because we wanted to create a space that is private, safe and calm. We also wanted to create a space that doesn't feel clinical or create anxiety, because these are not conducive to healing. Instead, you walk into an enclosed courtyard and you are welcome to make yourself comfortable, inside or outside, while you wait for your appointment to begin. 

In 2024 we will begin our Top Glass Sessions, informal groups or gatherings for people to come together and learn about themselves and their minds and nervous systems, in a calm and communal environment. These will happen in our shady courtyard. 

Please be aware that there are four steps and a ramp to gain entry into the courtyard.


Finding Us

The reason we say our place in Swanbourne is unconventional is that it is nestled behind the beautiful Swanbourne Village and, more particularly, Dejaxo Bakery.

  • You will have to drive or walk around behind the strip of shops to 4 Rob Roy Street.

  • Better signage is in the making but until then, please look out for our car park, which is the second from the corner of two small adjacent car parks.

  • We are in the middle, between a house and another car park.

  • If you are driving, you are welcome to park here or there is plenty of parking in the carparks opposite the shops and the railway.

  • If you are catching the train, we are very conveniently located, with the Swanbourne train station being right opposite the Swanbourne Village shops (and a two minute walk from us, up a slight hill).

This is what the carpark looks like (you will notice there is a small downhill slope leading to our limestone wall and our gate).


When you get to the bottom of the carpark, you will see our gate and you will know it us because you will see the number 4 (and the bakery's commercial bins - but there are also advantages to being behind a bakery!)

We are so happy to be here in Swanbourne. Feel free to contact us before your appointment if you are having difficulty finding us (texting is the best way to do this). We look forward to seeing you here.

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