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At Janelle Booker Psychology we are a very small team and that is the way we like it! 

About Janelle

I am a person who is curious about people and the world around me. I have been a psychologist for more than 15 years and I still love my work. 

Over the past ten years I have been discovering that I am part of the neurodivergent camp. I have always been aware that I was a sensitive soul but I wasn't aware that I was part of the 15-20% of the population who are referred to as Highly Sensitive People (HSPs).

Whether you are an HSP, an ADHDer, or just someone who feels like life has become too much to manage, my way of working with people is to help them understand their particular 'wiring' and finding ways of making their world work a little, or a lot, better for them.


The ways in which I work in sessions include:

  • Person-centred approaches

  • Self-regulation and Polyvagal Theory interventions

  • Mindfulness-based frameworks

  • Compassion-based interventions

  • EMDR

In my life away from work, I am a partner, a mum to three adult children, a dog-mum to Alfred, and a 'sensitive soul' who tries to take good care of my nervous system and my tendency to become overstimulated. I love being in nature, creating things, spending time with close friends and family, and listening to podcasts about 'ordinary' people's life stories (yes, even in my free time!)

About Kate

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I have over 10 years of Administration experience in the Medical Industry. I grew up in regional Victoria but moved to the West in 2012 where I am here to stay. I am a mum to two little boys who keep me on my toes. I am a Pisces & I'm always drawn to the sound & view of the ocean. This is where I find my most calm & happy self, especially when I am with my family.

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