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ADHD: Prepare for Success

This 9-week group is for teens with ADHD-type minds who are looking to find practical ways to overcome barriers to success in their schooling, relationships and mental wellbeing. It also provides the opportunity to be with and learn from other teens with similar minds and similar challenges and strengths.

It is very common for teens with ADHD-type minds to be highly intelligent but to struggle more than other teens with:

  • procrastination

  • difficulty getting started on tasks

  • organizing their time and tasks

  • maintaining their focus on the things they are 'supposed to'

  • regulating their sleep cycles, food intake, and exercise

  • regulating their emotions (including anger and sadness)

  • regulating their stress and mood

  • feeling discouraged or rejected easily

  • maintaining satisfying relationships (especially in times of high stress) with friends, family members and romantic partners.

The ADHD: Prepare for Success group is based on the understanding that every ADHD-mind is unique but that there are a lot of commonalities, including many challenges and strengths. It is based on the premise that we can learn much more from a group of like-minded peers than we can from a single, so-called 'expert.' And it draws on the strength of having a community to help us hold ourselves accountable, when our motivation to do a difficult or boring task for our own sake may be low (which also appears to be the domain of many ADHD- type minds), and to support us when we struggle.

This group is based partially on the highly successful ADHD 101 Group that has been running for many years for students at Curtin University, of which Janelle was the founder and one of the facilitators. This group is now also available to students at Murdoch, Monash and Deakin Universities in Australia. However, unlike those groups, the ADHD: Prepare for Success group invites parental involvement to more fully support the learning and growth of new knowledge and skillsets of the teens participating.

Please note: teens who are awaiting an ADHD assessment are welcome to join this group (that is, having a formal diagnosis is not a pre-requisite for membership).

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Course Details

For students in years 10, 11 or 12


2 May to 27 June 2023

4.00pm - 5.30pm 

14 Walker Ave, West Perth 

Cost:   $110 per 1.5-hour session (A Medicare group rebate of $32.30 is available with a GP referral).

Group Size:  6 teens (maximum).

Support Group


The first session will be for parents only. This is a great opportunity to connect with other parents with similar experiences, in addition to learning more about the ADHD-mind and your teen. After this, parents will be invited into the final ten minutes of each of the remaining 8 sessions so that they can hear from the teens themselves about what practical actions you can take to support your teen.​

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To register your teen in the group, please email us in the Contact Us link below. We will then organise a brief telephone call so that you can discuss your teen's particular needs with the group's facilitator.

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