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Stress and Anxiety Skills (SAS) Group 

Professional Development Workshop
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It is an unfortunate, almost-worldwide reality that our adolescents commonly experience a persistent and unhelpfully high level of anxiety and stress that interferes with their capacity to be calmly focused at school and ready to learn. There are usually many contributing factors for this. 


Attend this one-day workshop on Friday 24 March 2023 and come away with:

  • A Self-Regulation-based understanding of why so many teens are struggling with stress and anxiety.

  • A 5-module Stress and Anxiety Skills (SAS) Group to deliver to your students.

  • The opportunity to experience the group for yourselves.

  • All of the resources required to run the group.

The five-session SAS Group is focused on increasing students’ understanding of the mechanisms driving their stress and anxiety as well as providing them with practical skills and strategies to help them reduce their anxiety and stress over the course of the program, and throughout the year. Participants in the SAS Group will learn:

  • about their autonomic nervous system (including the stress responses of fight or flight and freeze),

  • how to trigger and strengthen the relaxation response (the opposite of the stress response),

  • how to identify the stressors that are having a big impact on them (every person is different), 

  • how to practice simple and effective skills and actions to reduce stress and tension and increase energy, thereby enhancing their resilience to the inevitable stressors of being a high school student.

While this group is well-suited to all students, it has been found to be very helpful for students in years 11 and 12 (given the increase in stressors and pressure during these years).


Janelle is a Counselling Psychologist who, apart from the individual work she does with adolescent and adultclients, has 8 years of experience in designing and facilitating small group programs to teach people (high school and university students) how to understand their stress response, how to skilfully respond when stress is high, and how to put into place some simple practices and systems that can significantly reduce stress and anxiety, increase wellbeing and enhance their capacity to manage life's stressors.


Workshop Details

Friday 24 March 2023

8.30am - 3.30pm

Hay Street, Subiaco


Cost:   $695 

Group Size:  20 people (max)

Support Group

Who is this training for?

Running a group like the SAS group requires some experience in working with anxiety and the stress response. Therefore, this training is most suitable for school psychologists, counsellors, chaplains and teachers who have some training in mental health. If you are in some doubt, we are happy to have a quick chat with you about this. 

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To register your interest or to confirm your place in the course, please email us in the

Contact Us

box below and we will be happy to provide you with more information. 

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