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Develop practical skills to increase calm, enjoy better connection with others and make choices that enhance your everyday life.

About Janelle

Early in her career Janelle developed a particular interest in stress, anxiety and overwhelm and this led her to pursue new ways of helping clients to reduce their stress and find more calm. Janelle has a special interest in working with people who have ADHD-type minds or the high sensitivity trait (HSP) but works with people with all types of minds. She has a warm relational style and draws from a number of therapeutic frameworks.


She can help you if you are struggling to manage any of the following:

  • stress and anxiety

  • overwhelm

  • depression

  • relationship and family issues

  • ADHD

  • high sensitivity trait (HSP)

  • self-regulation

  • trauma

  • life transitions.




For adults seeking help to develop new skills to address their difficulties with stress, anxiety, depression or overwhelm, and develop a greater sense of safety and calm. Or to just have a safe space to explore and develop a clearer understanding about themselves and their relationships. 

For teens (15+) who need help to regulate their energy, stress, anxiety or behaviour. Together we learn about how stress is having an impact on their body, mind and relationships, and we work together to develop new skills that increase safety and calm. 

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For teens and adults with ADHD-type minds who are looking for help with stress, anxiety or depression, relationships, or for specific strategies to make every day easier to navigate.

High Sensitivity 
Trait (HSP)

For adults and teens with the high sensitivity trait who want to understand more about how their minds and nervous systems work, and how these shape their behaviours, interactions and experience of their world.

Existing Clients

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New Clients

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