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Top Glass Sessions

Informal gatherings of like-minded people to build social connections, learn new skills and, along the way, improve mental health and vitality.

The single most effective way to increase your physical and mental health and vitality is to strengthen your social connections. This is not a belief, it is supported by robust social research.


Unfortunately, research also indicates that the average Westerner has very few, if any, close friends who really know them. Unlike past generations, most of us are no longer active members in a sporting club, a community-based organisation, or church or temple. And yet being a contributing member to a social group where we give as well as receive appears to play a crucial role in our mental and emotional wellbeing.

Being a psychologist, I am very much in favour of people seeking one-to-one assistance with their mental health problems when they become persistent and too difficult to resolve on your own. However, I also know the importance of being part of something larger than ourselves.


This is hard-wired into our brains. Neurochemicals get released and our brain and body feel good when we have a positive interaction with someone. Or when our experience of the world is validated by someone. Or when we have something in common with others. Or when we contribute to their life in a positive way. 

The Top Glass Sessions have been created for this purpose: to provide an opportunity for people to come together for a shared purpose, learn new skills, get to know each other and, hopefully, form strong connections.


These are not therapy sessions; more like a book club without the book (or the alcohol!)


These sessions happen once per month and the format is informal - a thirty minute presentation about a relevant topic and the rest of the time is free for you to have a drink and a chat in a safe and kind community of like-minded people.

At this point, a lot of people baulk. It can be uncomfortable, especially for introverts, to contemplate coming into a social setting where you don't know anyone. The good news is that this is a kind space and you will soon get to know people! Also, you are far from alone in feeling this way but feel free to invite a friend to come with you.

Our first series of Top Glass Sessions is for women with ADHD (or who suspect they have ADHD).

Event Details

Day:    Saturday (the 2nd Saturday in the month)


Time:   3.00pm to 4.30pm


Dates:    9 March 2024

             13 April 2024

             11 May 2024

               8 June 2024

             13 July 2024

             10 August 2024


Venue: The Courtyard, 4 Rob Roy Street, Swanbourne (weather permitting - an alternative local venue when weather is inclement)

Price:   $35 per session (we are keeping the price low so everyone can afford to attend)



To secure your place in the group, or ask questions, please register below. And please be aware that having ADHD is a requirement of participating in this series of Top Glass Sessions, although a formal diagnosis is not necessary.

Champagne pyramid

Why are they called
Top Glass Sessions?

The most efficient way of pouring champagne into lots of glasses is to form a pyramid and fill the top glass first which overflows and cascades into all of the glasses below.


This is a metaphor for the importance of learning how to prioritise and meet our own needs which improves our life as well as increasing our capacity to contribute positively to the people around us.

Many of us, particularly but not exclusively women, move through the world sacrificing their needs to meet the needs of others. Or just to keep the peace.

Choosing to be a participant in this group means that you are (for 1.5 hours a month, anyway) prioritising your own needs with the awareness that, in doing so, you are much more able to live a life that is rewarding and healthy. And our hope is that you will learn to continue to take care of your self outside of these sessions, as well.

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